Working center SBZ500

State-of-the-art and easy-to-use CNC center for efficient 6-sided machining of profiles.


4-axis bar machining center for economical machining of aluminum and steel profiles. Working length 7000mm, all operations such as milling, drilling, thread cutting, pawls, etc.


Productsheet SBZ500

Produkt anfrage

Technical data:

Voltage: 400V, 50Hz
Motor power: 5,5kW
Motor speed: 18000U/min
Standard tooling set: n.7+1
Compressed air supply 7bar
Air consumption: 40NI / cycle
Standard working length: 7100mm
Precicion +/-0.15mm
Repeatability +/-0.015mm
Working length: 7100mm
Working speed (X): 70m/1s
Working length (Y): 650mm
Working speed (Y): 50m/1s
Working length(Z): 200mm
Working speed (Z): 30m/1s