Water slot router WS211

Semi or fully automatic water slot cutter with 4 motors.


Mobile milling unit with up to four milling motors. The workpiece is clamped with two vertically arranged, pneumatic clamping cylinders. The milling motors can be adjusted to the required angle of inclination and optionally switched on (up to a maximum of 45 °). Each leg end can be provided with all necessary slots. With hydropneumatic milling feed for optimum results. Switchable from milling (water slots) to drilling (vent holes) - no re-clamping! Automatic workflow via PLC control.


Productsheet WS211

Produkt anfrage

Technical data:

Voltage: 220/400V, 50/60Hz
Motor power: 280W
Working length: 2700mm
Speed milling spindle: 11000U/min
max. Profile hieght: 110mm
Milling spindle way: 80mm
Feeding cylinder way: 50mm
Compressed air supply: 6-8bar
Weight: 160Kg