Vertical four head welding machine WSA4V

The right welding machine with a small footprint.


• Automated four-head welding machine with possibility of single and double welding of frames or sashes
• High-quality and extremely stable steel construction,  to prevent warping and deviations
• Vertical movement via driven axles on high-precision linear guides with four carriages per head
• Horizontal movement via servo motor and high-precision guide shaft
• Small space requirement, so that the machine  can stand directly on a wall or other machine 


Productsheet WSA4V

Produkt anfrage

Technical data:

Voltage: 400V/3Phasen, 50Hz, NPE
Dimensions: 4800x1900x1900mm
Compressed air supply: 6-8bar
Welding seam restrictionStandard: 2mm
welding seam restriction Optional: 0,2mm
Welding area min.: 295x325mm
Welding area max.: 1600x2700mm
Profile heigth max.: 200mm
Profile heigth min.: 40mm
Weigth: 3100kg