Tape rewinding machine KU680M / KU830M

Simple and precise finishing of edges

Assembly and cutting (optional) of edges of any length up to a maximum roll diameter
680 or 830 mm.

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Technical data:

Voltage: 230V, 50/60 Hz
Motor power: 300 W
min. edge thickness: 0,4 mm
max. edge thickness: 2 mm
max. edge heigth: 55mm (Standard)
max. roll up diameter: 680/830 mm
max. roll down diameter 680/830 mm
Inner roller diameter: 200 mm
Pre selection: 0-99,99 m (0,01m)
Roll up acuracy: 0,01m +/- 0,5%
Feeding spped: stufenlos
Weigth: 40/44 kg