Metal saw BG 15

For processing steel profiles for reinforcement:


The machine is suitable for straight cuts, slotted work and for miter cuts up to 45 °, it is easy to adjust according to scale and has a cutting blade with a blade of 350 sufficient cutting capacity for all types of reinforcing steel in window construction.


Productsheet BG15

Produkt anfrage

Technical data:

Voltage: 400V, 50/60HZ
Motor power: 2,4kW
Saw blade diameter:  350mm
Depth of cut with solid material: 90°=60mm, 45°=555mm
Cutting depth for empty material: 90°=110mm, 45°=90mm
Profile dim. at 90°: 100 x 100mm bis 155 x 80mm
Profile dim. at 45°: 85 x 85mm, 90 x 85mm
Motor speed: 40-80 rpm
Weight: 210kg