Metal saw BG 10

For processing steel profiles for reinforcement


The steel saw for reinforcing and other types of steel. Manual sawing process. The base saw of our BG series has a 250 mm saw blade and speed adjustment.


Productsheet BG10

Produkt anfrage

Technical data:

Voltage: 400V, 50/60HZ
Motor power: 0,95-1,32kW
Saw blade diameter: 250mm
Depth of cut with solid material: 90°=40mm, 45°=35mm
Depth of cut for empty material: 90°=70mm, 45°=65mm
Profile dim. at 90°: 70 x 70mm bis 55 x 95mm
Profile dim. at 45°: 55 x 55mm, 50 x 60mm
Motor speed: 40-80rpm
Weight: 83kg