Horizontal four head welding machine WSA4H

Precision welding for the highest standards.


• left and right side fixed
• user-friendly insertion positions
• heated weld bead limitation 0,2-2mm
• PLC control
• electronic function monitoring
• Quick-change device for welding foils
• automatic removal of workpieces
• pneumatic profile feeder


Productsheet WSA4H

Produkt anfrage

Technical data:

Voltage: 220/400V, 50/60Hz
Dimension welding cleaning line: 1350x500cm
Compressed air: 6-8bar
max. welding temperature: 300°C
Temp. welding seam restriction: 65°C
min. welding area Inline: 450x450mm
min. welding area stand alone : 400x350mm
max. Swelding area: 2100x2400mm
Profilheigth max.: 120mm
Profiheigth min.: 35mm
Weigth: 2580kg